Family Dynamics + Impact of Wealth Podcast

Episode 02 – Interview with Charlie Birch

Charlie Birch is an entrepreneur, a coach, a former dancer, and the co-founder of Rebel + Connect, which provides Custom Retreats for Your Remote Team.

Episode 01 – Interview with Molly Stranahan

Molly Stranahan is a fourth generation heir of the Champion Spark Plug family. Molly believes her good fortune comes with the responsibility to use the gifts and resources she has been blessed with in this lifetime to leave the world a better place, with less suffering and more love and happiness.



Episode 00 – Introduction

Meet your hostess! In this Introductory episode, get an idea of the topics, format and schedule for the Family Dynamics + Impact of Wealth podcast.



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Upcoming Episodes:

  • Interview with Charlie Bantis


  • Interview with John A Warnick


  • Interview with a Parent and Creator of the Family’s Wealth