SERVICES : Coaching and Consulting

We Guide Our Clients on Their Journey

Coaching and ConsultingAt GALICINAO, we offer a hybrid of coaching and consulting. Building on years of experience and training, we guide our clients on their journey of creating what they want for themselves and their families. The question often asked, is “What is coaching; and, how does it differ from counseling and coaching?

COACHING is about deepening the learning and forwarding the action. In the co-active coaching model, there is nothing to be “fixed”. It’s about living a value-driven life—TODAY—with clear goals that actively move you towards your greater vision. It’s about the coach having the powerful questions and knowing that their client has the answers deep inside them.

CONSULTING is about advice. It is looking at a problem or a challenge and telling your client what you think they should do, how they should do it, and by when.

COUNSELING is about diagnosing your “patient’s” problem. It is about delving into your patient’s patterns of the past. It is about coming up with a plan to heal your patient.

Coaching and Consulting are our forte at Dynamics of Family Wealth. We do not offer counseling.


How Do I Find a Good Coach?

When looking for a coach, we recommend that you look at several things:

  • What is their coach training background?
  • Are they certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), or by an ICF Accredited training program? If the coach is not certified, is the coach at least, in a certification program? For a list of accredited training programs, check out
  • Is the coach a member of the International Coach Federation?
  • Does the coach adhere to the Ethical Guidelines of the ICF?


How Do I Know if a Coach is Right for Me?

Many coaches will offer you a complimentary coaching session. During this session, ask yourself, “Does this coach understand me?” “Is this coach just a nice person, or will she/he challenge me?”


Where Does Coaching Take Place?

The beauty of coaching is that it can take place anywhere. Many of our clients prefer to meet face-to face. In which case, they come to our offices or we meet in the privacy of their home.

Coaching can also take place over the phone or via Skype. A number of our clients reside in different parts of the world. Our clients are busy, successful people. They find the ease of coaching over the telephone cuts out the travel time, and gives them more time to do what they want. Many have their coaching sessions in the privacy of their office. They simply close their office door, forward their phone calls, and take a break from their busy days. They find these mid-day coaching sessions are just what they need. It’s an opportunity to regain focus and re-commit to their goals.


What Else Can You Tell Me About Coaching?

  • Coaching is about identifying your deepest dreams, and becoming clear about how your goals honor your values and move you toward your vision.
  • Coaching enables you to live a value-driven life.
  • Our methodology moves you towards those goals one step at a time.
  • It’s about realizing that some steps are as big as a 14er; it’s about turning that 14er into a molehill.
  • It’s about getting to the essence of what you want.
  • It’s about making significant, lasting changes in your professional and personal life.
  • In coaching, you take yourself and your goals seriously.
  • You make a commitment and stick to it.
  • You use the gap (“creative tension”) between your vision and reality to move you ever closer to your dreams.
  • Coaching unleashes your hidden talents and skills.
  • You begin to experience a more balanced life.
  • Your coach becomes your partner who provides you with honest feedback, insight and wisdom in a supportive and nonjudgmental way.
  • Coaching keeps you on track.