SERVICES : Dynamics of Family Wealth

Join the Growing Populace
who are
Courageously Stepping out of
the Green Closet
Into Action

Creating meaningful conversations and actionable plans
for you, your family, your family business,
and your philanthropy arounds the
dynamics and impact of inherited and sudden wealth.

Inherited and Sudden Wealth bring with it a vast array of complexities unique to high net worth individuals and their families. The impact that money has on the dynamics of a family, both individually and as they influence other family members, is tremendous. So impactful, in fact, some families would just as soon brush it under the table, pretend that the family dynamics were not there, or were not worth their time and energy.

As the high net worth population grows, more and more individuals are bravely stepping up and having these conversations.

Dynamics of Family Wealth guides individuals and families through a series of heartfelt conversations, thought provoking exercises, and planning strategies to ensure that you and your heirs are prepared to make wise and thoughtful life decisions.

All families will be faced with the need to deal with the opportunities and challenges of wealth.

We guide you on a journey through the
exploration of these timeless and interrelated issues