Why is This Important?

85%    Family Wealth Transitions Fail

60%    Do NOT have a Joint Decision-Making System in Place
           Are able to stay the course and effectively handle conflict
           Are able to make the Plan work

Some Heirs Will be Destroyed by Money and Silence

WhyIsThisImportant-38percentOnly 38% of Wealthy Parents Expect their Heirs to be Prepared to Handle Their Inheritance

  • ~$36 Trillion will be distributed to heirs by 2061
  • Some will be destroyed by money and silence
  • Others will inherit wisdom and grow

Join the Movement : Be Proactive!

Many are taking the initiative to thoughtfully educate themselves and their heirs
Many children of Baby Boomers are growing up wealthy and are likely to inherit large sums of money. Interestingly, in a recent US Trust study, they found that Baby Boomers are least likely to say that leaving an inheritance was important to them. Conversely, Millennials and those over 69 were the most committed to the idea.

The Enlightened Generation is Tired of Secrecy

While many grew up under the myth that “Nice People Don’t Talk about Money,” the enlightened generation is anxious to get out of the green closet. Millennials, especially, are hungry for knowledge and guidance on how to thoughtfully open that green door and live their life fully.

The Rising Generation Wants their Parents to Lead the Way.

They are Hungry for Engagement!

What are parents afraid of? Parents are concerned about when their children will be mature enough to receive their inheritance. The study discovered that 96% of wealthy parents think their children will not be able to handle an inheritance of money until at least the age of 25, while 37% think the ideal age is between 30 and 34.

The study also found important differences between blended and traditional families. While blended and unblended families are equally generous to their heirs, blended families are slightly less confident in their children’s ability to handle wealth and achieve financial success. Consequently, the heads of these families are less forthcoming about the details of their family wealth.

Thoughtfully Designed, Lifelong Education


Design Programs that
Focus on Developing
Your Human, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual Capitals

*Excerpts from U.S. Trust’s Wealth & Worth Studies (2011 & 2014)