Power of the Family Story

Sharing Pivotal Aspects of Your Family History

Finding HappinessWhile a chronological history and family tree are valuable and have their place, the Power of this Family Story is its ability to share pivotal aspects of your own history and family. It includes lessons learned and important themes that have influenced your life.

In the creation of your Powerful Family Story, we explore such things as:

  • People, places, experiences and decisions that made a difference in your life
  • Practical wisdom
  • Themes that kept showing up for you
  • Important facts and insights
  • Your philosophy of life through a personal life experience lens
  • Magical, life changing moments

Additionally, we reach beyond your personal story to delve into and document memories you have of your loved ones. Stories of when they were born, things they did that were touching and made you proud, and so much more.

We will explore the branching points (turning points) in your and your immediate family’s history, as well as the stories and life lessons worth retaining and sharing. You will come to understand the passions, motivations and challenges that have influenced familial decisions. And, you will begin to recognize the threads that run through your family’s life; thus, gaining insight and wisdom as to how you would like for this knowledge to guide you and your family going forward.

Powerful Family Stories capture and document your reflections. They provide strength to your family’s foundation and provide valuable wisdom, knowledge and insight for future generations.