The Ethical Will and Purposeful Planning

Passing on Your Values, Wisdom, Dreams and Powerful Life Story

The Ethical Will is a significant portion of your Purposeful Planning. The Ethical Will is a non-binding letter or recording created for your loved ones. We suggest that it be created with the intention of attaching it to your legal Will.

Your legal Will defines and distributes your material assets. The Ethical Will captures your dreams, intentions, and love with the same purposeful intention. Creating an Ethical Will, in concert with your legal documents, ensures that all the dimensions of your legacy are honored and realized.

The purpose of an Ethical Will is to pass on your values, wisdom, family stories (from a lessons-learned perspective), guide lights, and other important information to your heirs and future generations whom you have not yet even imagined. Portions of an Ethical Will can also provide insight and guidance to your current and future financial and legal advisors.

During the creation of your Ethical Will, we will identify:

  • Your audience (Your children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, spouses, guardians of your children, trustees, medical proxy, or others)
  • Your dreams, goals and intentions for them
  • Your core values and what has given you meaning and purpose in life
  • Your Power Family Story (from a lessons-learned perspective)
  • Your intangibles that made your life rich
  • Your personal vision for your estate plans, trusts and, or philanthropy