Services : Thoughtful Giving

Thoughtful Giving and Strategic Philanthropy

Thoughtful GivingWhether you’re at the beginning stages, have a donor advised fund, or a family foundation, we can help you clarify your goals, align your life legacy with your giving, manage your grantmaking processes, and work with you to develop strategies that leverage your giving.

Bring joy to your philanthropy through the creation of dynamic giving plans that:

  • Match your passion and values
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your philanthropy
  • Leverage and transform

Philanthropy Can Be Effective and Fun!

We work with you to:

  • Develop a Statement of Donor Intent
  • Create your Values Statement
  • Clarify Vision, Mission and Goals
  • Decide how you want to work together
  • Focus your giving
  • Engage the next generation and other family members
  • Create educational and inspirational board meetings
  • Implement processes for grant application and program evaluation

Charitable Giving Tools

How do you decide which Charitable Giving Tools are best for you?
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